Rock House Cave

The description below is an electronic reprint excerpt from: "Caves of Reynolds and Shannon Counties", Journal of the Missouri Speleological Survey, Volume 17, Numbers 1-2, Page 52.

The cave has two large entrances with a pillar of rock about six feet in diameter between them. Both can clearly be seen from the Current River, as the cave is located at the base of a bluff about 30 feet up from river level on the right bank. By some definitions, this is hardly a cave, as the single large room can be explored without artificial light. However, it is not a rock shelter of the overhand or wind-blown type, but rather a meander of an old cave which was left exposed as the Current River cut down in its valley. The remains of old stalagmites may be plainly seen. At the upstream end there is a small passage that leads off toward the bluff face from a point about 15 feet up on the cave wall. This passage divides and reaches the bluff face via two old phreatic tubes, both of which are too small to be traversed by man. The cave makes an excellent shelter for floaters caught in the rain and may have been used by Indians for summer shelter, although there is no sign of this on the surface and nobody has disturbed the cave by digging.

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