Fire Hydrant (Pulltite) Cave
(on Pulltite Spring Branch)

The description below is an electronic reprint excerpt from: "Caves of the Current River Valley", Journal of the Missouri Speleological Survey, Volume 22, Numbers 3-4, Page 89.

Fire Hydrant or (more properly) Barrel Spring, is a part of the Pulltite Spring complex. The spring gushes out into the river from a small opening about 3 feet above river level. The effect is of either a fire hydrant or a tipped-over water barrel, hence the names. Fire Hydrant Cave is not the spring orifice. Rather it is on the back side of the hill from which the spring emerges. The water for the spring does flow through the cave and thus the peculiar naming. The entrance is about 5 feet wide and 3 feet high. From the entrance the floor slopes down for 20 feet to a small room. Here the rapid cave stream flows in from the right and noisily splashes through the breakdown in the room. The room is less than 20 feet long and the water exits under a rock shelf to reappear at the spring orifice several hundred feet away.

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