Meeting House Cave on Jacks Fork

The description below is an electronic reprint excerpt from: "Caves of Reynolds and Shannon Counties", Journal of the Missouri Speleological Survey, Volume 17, Numbers 1-2, Page 47.

This cave lies on the north bank of the Jacks Fork River. The entrance is 40 to 45 feet wide and about 26 to 28 feet high. The ceiling is flat and appears to have resulted from fracturing along a bedding plane. The silt floor contains many rock fragments and blocks which were derived from the breakdown. A short distance back on the right, a passage trends back toward the hillside. This passage is lower than the main passage and appears to have been used for habitation at some time. High on the wall of the cave above this passage, about 20 feet above the floor, is a small anastamosis tube which may be a crawl-way passage. It is quite difficult to reach and was not entered on this trip.
Just beyond the cul-de-sac the floor rises except a dug pit near the right wall. Slumping into the pit has been prevented by crude laid rock wall of unknown origin. What the purpose of the pit was is not apparent; it penetrates deeper than the superficial depth of artifacts and exposes some old layers of reddish silt. Beyond the pit, the slope rises abruptly to meet the more gradually descending slope along the left wall. Nevertheless, the floor continues to rise until the passage is only a stoop-way. Here however, some additional ceiling height is gained by extensive roof break down, which forms a wide, low room of sorts. This room appears to be the terminus of the cave, but the irregular walls may offer further crawl-ways The total observed extent of the cave was 160 feet.
The entrance portion of the cave was dry but some of the deeper ascending slopes are somewhat moist and slippery. No streams or pools were observed, nor any evident trace of them. The cave is developed in the Gasconade Dolomite of Ordovician age. The exact horizon is unknown, but is believed to be about halfway down the formation. A prominent chert zone believed to be the cryptozoan marker bed was noted at water level downstream from the cave site and if the identification is correct, the cave lies above he cryptozoan reef.

Lang Brod

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