Current River
Jacks Fork River
Ozark National Scenic Riverways
Eminence, MO.

"Early Days" by J. L. Stoops
Early Mills, Early Towns, Women Settlers, Early Trails, Map of Early Trails, The Osage Indian Culture, Shannon County, Freight Haulers, Princess Dolly Dogwood, Trails West, Formation of Missouri Territory, Land for the landless, Formation of Counties, Request for Statehood, State of Wayne, Life in the Missouri Territory.

Ozark National Scenic Riverways History :(from National Park Service)
Alley Mill, Pulltite, Cemetaries, Place Names, Welch Hospital, Birth of a Dream.

Eminence Missouri History from Eminence-Mo.Com
Shannon County, City of Eminence.

"The Boom Town of WEST EMINENCE and its Lumbering Days" by Judy Ferguson
(an electronic reprint excerpt)

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