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Come one, come all and visit the Current and Jacks Fork Rivers, leave the noisy hustle bustle of modern life behind, lose the stress, and relax for a time, while gliding over cool clear water, past scenic bluffs, springs, caves and forests.

Just as the Current and Jacks Fork Rivers rise from many sources to connect and become such extraordinary streams, we too, are all a part of a river of humanity, equally connected to our own ancestral sources. Perhaps that is one of the many reasons why the timeless rhythm of moving water so touches us, just as surely now, as it must have touched the hearts and souls of our ascendants, and the Native Americans before them who first roamed the hills and valleys of the Ozark Plateau. They most certainly experienced the same feelings of peaceful joy, awed exhilaration, innate excitement and natural connectivity that the experience of this river may arouse in you.

9 min. Photo Tour:
Montauk to Big Spring
90 miles.

The Current and Jacks Fork Rivers are much the same now as when our ancestors first saw them; unspoiled, wild, beautiful, inspiring, alive and alluring. Seven crisp, cool springs bubble and rise from the earth to form the Current Rivers' source, three the Jacks Fork. From thence and throughout their courses numerous springs trickle, spurt, or gush forth from the land, among them is Big Spring - Missouri's largest, and one of the largest springs in the world. The bluffs, caves, springs, forest and wildlife provide a magnificent array of sights, sounds and other natural sensations that will bathe your body and soul, come immerse yourself in them - and enjoy.

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The Jacks Fork
is one of two rivers that are in the Ozark National Scenic Riverways Park. It starts in Texas County and flows 46.4 miles to it's confluence with the Current River near Eminence, Missouri. It is the major tributary of the Current River, the first 25 miles from the Prongs to Bay Creek is deep valley and in the springtime provides Class II water. The Jacks Fork is also the most primitive of the rivers in the region. From Alley Spring to its confluence with the Current River it is a Class I River and is floatable year around. The Jacks Fork provides pristine natural conditions many caves and natural springs.

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